Blocking an Amazon account is an unpleasant and, moreover, undesirable thing. Amazon has a lot of rules, violating which, your account can be closed. It is worth to get acquainted with them in advance because account freezing is fraught: no sales and payments are stopped.

There is no need to violate the right of ownership and try to sell products of any brand or Private Label. It is better to look for those brands that allow other sellers to distribute their product.

Take care of your metrics, which show how responsibly you perform your duties to the buyer. If you constantly have bad reviews, late dispatch of the order, then Amazon will ban you. Each account has a valid zone where it can violate the rules. But if you are on the verge of this permissible zone, firstly they will give you a warning, and only then they will close your sales.

You need to treat your work and online sales on the marketplace carefully and responsibly. Choose the product that you really want to sell, which is in demand. It is not necessary to take on hundreds of products, for different categories and brands. Amazon will request invoices, because it will be the opinion that you are selling low-quality goods. As a result, Amazon will suspend your account.

Do not use Prime subscriptions. Starting your business on this platform, you should know that reselling from Amazon to Amazon violates its rules. Using a subscription puts your account at risk. If Amazon sees the use of this method, then you will be banned again.

If Amazon closes your merchant account, you won't be able to open another one. All new accounts linked to the old one will be closed. Amazon is very good at finding these connections.

It is not necessary to open several Amazon accounts. For this reason, both accounts will be closed, and this will happen very quickly. The second account can be opened only if Amazon gives you permission to do so.

Always read notifications and warnings from Amazon, which regard your productivity metrics and account health. And take them very seriously!
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