However, we certainly dealt with different clients over 4 years of work, but we can safely distinguish 6 main categories who need us in 100% of situations.

1. Dropshippers

Such client mostly want accounts with history, a BuyBox account. The services they are interested in: buying an aged Amazon account, selling an Amazon account, ungating, unlocking for success dropshipp-business.

2. Acting regular business people on Amazon who need help with specific point services

Acting regular businessmen often need almost the full range of services (namely: buy one more account, ungating, unblocking, help with TM registration, etc.). We're so lucky to have clients like these, so we provide special loyalty program for our regular customers.

3. Client who need accounts under FBA

These are client who run an FBA business. The services they are interested in are account sales, ungating, unlocks, and account purchases (depending on whether you want a newly registered account or an account with a sales history).

4. Client not willing to wait

The type of client who already want a fully ready account on which they can get started quickly. They're interested in buying an account with a history and start their business already in safe area, without blocks, waiting of docs approvement, etc.

5. Client who want to do everything themselves, but need some help

This type of person is willing to do everything themselves, but need help with registration (on their data/documents), help with TM registration or need an unblocking.

6. People, who're tired of Amazon business

...and want to sell it with help of AMAsellZONe!

AMAsellZONe is the best choice for any of the categories!
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