👩🏼‍💻 Everything is simple enough.
First, you have to decide what exactly you are going to trade.

On this basis, we have made a small list of certain products and accounts, respectively, which are best suited:

1️⃣ Sale of books.
Suitable account in countries such as Spain, Italy, Mexico and the United States.

2️⃣ Selling pesticides.
Onlv the US account will be suitable, or it will be accounts for any resident, but registered in the US (for a company in America). If you need to trade in Europe it must be a European resident plus a company in Europe with rights transter.

3️⃣ Dropshipping.
Must be an account with active BuyBox. Account of countries like: India and USA will be suitable.

4️⃣ FBI online arbitrage or wholesale.
Need to have a lot of open asins. European account, USA,
Mexico and India will do.

5️⃣ Promotion of your own product.
Account of countries such as: Ukraine, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Very interesting list we have got. We are sure that this information is really useful for you 📈

For more detailed consultation and account selection vou can always leave an application on the website or contact us directiv.

Always happy to help.
Your Team AMAsellZONe 🚀

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