What is account health on Amazon?
Regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller, blocking your Amazon account can be quite frustrating.

Amazon is VERY attentive to its consumers and customers. Therefore, it always checks the health of the account.

Why is it very important to track your metrics, respond to warnings, and adhere to Amazon's rules?
The Amazon team constantly analyzes the overall performance of the seller's account, for compliance with the established policy on the platform.
It is very important to meet all performance indicators, because customer trust is growing and sales are growing.

Amazon has a team of specialists who regularly assesses sellers' accounts and notes problems. Problems can arise in a variety of ways. The most common are bad reviews, the frequency of product defects and the speed of shipment of goods or violation of Amazon's policy. The Amazon team notifies the seller of the problems so that he solves them as soon as possible.

Sellers must meet the Amazon level and a certain bar so that customers can make purchases with confidence.

Amazon is constantly improving performance in real time. To ensure that the online platform provides customers with an excellent service, Amazon can take action on these indicators if they do not meet their goals.
The online giant's team regularly checks the work of all sellers and notifies them when they go beyond the target. Amazon gives the seller the opportunity to improve their performance or the account will be frozen.
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