What for you need to buy an account?
The eternal question is for what and why? Let's figure it out together. Buying Amazon accounts is very profitable, easy and simple with us. And there are a number of reasons.

Firstly, if you decide to start a career as a businessman or start a new activity, it is best to choose one of the most powerful and popular platforms for selling various goods. Start an e-commerce business and trade on the Amazon platform. After buying an account with Amasellzone, you do not need to develop anything. All the variations have already been passed. The accounts have good sales histories and function in full. If the account is registered to an individual, and you want to transfer it to a company, it's easy enough. Amazon allows such manipulations.

Secondly, the ability to buy multiple accounts allows you to diversify the "risks". Working for Amazon, you may encounter the following difficulties: deletions, blocking, complaints, and so on. If there are several companies on different accounts, you have more guarantees not to lose your money and continue to earn. For example, you can test new categories or brands on multiple accounts. They serve as a buffer on which the seller uploads new brands. Then he monitors that there are no requests for invoices or complaints. If everything is OK, you can safely add brands to your work accounts.

Another important advantage is also attractive. If you have multiple accounts, you pay less taxes. If you have one account, your turnover is growing. So you will have to fork out and pay a rather big tax. Having multiple accounts makes life easier for you.

Thirdly, there is an opportunity to go from offline to online. What does it mean? Selling your goods in stores you have a certain segment and customer base, but selling on various Internet sites expands the possibilities. Moreover, Amazon has a wide geographical coverage. For example, selling books or toys in a store in a small town, you have a certain customer base. By entering the large Amazon marketplace, you will be able to sell all over the world, thereby increasing your profits and volumes. You can sell products from anywhere in the world. The website amazon.com is one of the ten most visited web resources in the world.
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