Just imagine a shipment of $10,000 from China to Amazon warehouses and another $30,000 overnight ship to the U.S., and you try to access your SellerCentral in the morning and realize your account is blocked... But tomorrow your Payoneer account should have $42,500 in hard earned money from the sale.

How's that? Scary enough?

But this is a very real situation, so we will help you to solve this problem.

What do you need in order for us to unlock your account?

Of course, to begin with, you will need to describe the problem you encountered (provide all screenshots of the letter for what you are blocked in the system).

Then we have a solution to this situation.
The process of work can be painted on this:

  1. We collect your data and clarifying the circumstances of the ban.
  2. We do the unblocking.
  3. How long it will take is discussed individually, since there are different reasons for blocking.

With what kinds of blocks do we work?

There are many types of Amazon account blocking. Some of the most common include: utility ban, related ban, dropshipping policy, inauthentic ban, counterfeit ban, review manipulation ban, copyright and many others.

To see all of our services and to see all types of lockouts, visit our website.

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