The difference between Ebay and Amazon
eBay and Amazon are the two largest Internet sites.

So where is it better to sell: on Amazon or on Ebay, and what are their main differences?!

Let's figure out how these two online trading giants differ.

Despite the fact that both eBay and Amazon are American electronic trading platforms, they organize their work according to different principles.

eBay is an online auction that allows various sellers from all over the world to make sales, and buyers from all over the world to do.

Amazon is following a slightly different path. In fact, this is already an online store. In addition, Amazon provides the opportunity to sell goods on its site to third-party sellers.

Amazon is a large online store with offices in six European and Asian countries, as well as in the United States.

One of the most important advantages is an extensive assortment. A kind of supermarket, where hundreds of thousands of different products are sold.

Of course, you can count on Amazon for high quality and reliability. He has an excellent reputation in many countries of the world.

The only drawback for Amazon is that the site interface cannot be translated into Russian. It is simply not added to the system.

The interface on Ebay is simple and understandable even for a beginner. The portal is especially convenient, because it only plays the role of an intermediary between two parties to the transaction – the buyer and the seller.

Important! The disadvantage of Ebay is that the risk of running into scammers is higher here. You can pay for the product, but you will not receive either it or your money.

On Amazon, you can pay with cards of Russian banks, gift cards. Paypal is available on Ebay, but not every seller has it.

To the question of where it is cheaper to shop: on Amazon or on Ebay, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer. It depends on the number of products, their category, the pricing policy that a particular seller adheres to.

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