There are thousands of marketplaces. They have both commonalities and specific features.
So how do you pick the perfect marketplace?

1. First, let's understand what marketplaces exist in the e-commerce structure.

Basic types of ecommerce sites:

  • A bulletin board or classifieds – information site.
  • Aggregator – a site for comparing offers from different sellers.
  • Online store – the site of a specific manufacturer or seller where you can place an order and
pay for it.

According to Statista, in 2018, there were more than 200,000 small businesses on Amazon with $100,000 or more in sales .
Amazon is also considered the best online starter resource for newcomers to online sales.

2. What kind of marketplaces are there?

The marketplace of marketplaces has thousands of sites.
To choose the right one, you need to study their classification:

  • B2C-marketplaces – manufacturers or sellers offer their products and services to end consumers (Amazon, Rozetka).

  • B2B-marketplacе – businesses trade with businesses (Alibaba, Tradalaxy).

  • C2B-marketplace – individual users offer goods or services for businesses (freelance exchanges Fiverr and Upwork).

  • C2C-marketplace – individual users sell goods and services to other users (eBay and OLX).

3.It is important to choose value.

Sites usually emphasize certain values that are important to their target audience. Some of these could be used by any business.
Examples of values: ethical products, direct sales from the manufacturer, vendor brand, savings opportunities, subscription sales.

To find out what values are important to a marketplace's audience, it's worth examining the site's website, blog and social media.

The marketplace format gives everyone access to an audience, a user-friendly interface, and reliable payment tools.

Amazon is one of the best marketplaces, and starting with an account with a sales history you can buy from us is the best choice for you!

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