We think most of you are active users of such messenger, but just in case we'll tell you what it is .

Telegram is a free messenger, which allows you to communicate with other users, exchange files of different formats and sizes.
What about channels are tools for broadcasting public messages to a large audience.

Let's now talk about our Telegram Channel.
Most importantly, when you subscribe to our Telegram channel, you get:

  • Quickly search for an account using the navigation to find the one that's right for you.
  • Fast search for information on how to sell an account.
  • Online advice.
  • Check our previous transactions (#amasell_insale – account available, #amasell_sold – account already sold).
  • Interesting news about Amazon and our company.
  • Our contacts on all social networks.
In general, there are quite a few nice bonuses there for you.

Why do we run a Telegram channel?

Because one of the main advantages of running a Telegram channel is the ability to notify users about new posts. Even though most Telegram users turn off notifications in their channels, they will almost certainly visit them anyway – but at a convenient time. Whether notifications are turned on or off, the number of unread messages will somehow be displayed in the chat list.
So, we'll always be there for you, at your convenience.

You subscribe to our Telegram channel (@amasellzone1), and from us you get quality content, a great set of accounts for sale and the best service.

Fast and reliable is about us. Don't forget that!

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