To help you avoid a lot of mistakes and not miss anything at launch, we've prepared a short Amazon Seller's Checklist for you.
Let's not delay, let's get started :

1️⃣ Stock.
Make sure your stock is adequate, some product is on the prep center and a second batch can also be produced and delivered in the time frame you need.

2️⃣ Target Audience.
Prepare all the information about your product's target audience.

3️⃣ Marketing.
Allocate the right amount for marketing right away and treat it not as an expense, but rather as an investment in the continued growth and promotion of your product.

4️⃣ Offer.
Prepare your listing (texts and selling photos). Make sure your listing (frontend, backend) is perfectly optimized and contains all necessary keywords and photos contain all necessary selling elements.

5️⃣ Price.
Starting sales with a low price is a serious mistake. The right thing to do is to prepare your offer so that at the very beginning of the longchase your price is 10-20% higher than the one you want to sell for later. Then gradually you can lower the price to a regular .

6️⃣ Search find buy.
Identify a pool or group of low- and mid-frequency keywords that you want to promote to the top.

7️⃣ Resource.
Prepare a resource to quickly launch your product and attract external traffic from Facebook.

8️⃣ Chat bot.
Create and test several scenarios for your Chat bot's funnel. Test to make sure all the dialogs you want work and are automated.

9️⃣ PPC.
Prepare all of your PPC advertising campaigns. Many Amazon sellers don't wait for the first reviews and include automatic and manual campaigns right away.

???? Boost.
Monitor the movement of your shipment and the acceptance status of your product on Amazon. Don't allow time to be wasted or delayed at launch.

And, of course, very important - REVIEWS.

Get Started!
AMAsellZONe team wishes you success and a great start.
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