Success Story: Amazon!
How to become a billionaire and the richest person in the world?

Of course, there is no universal recipe, everyone is looking for their own way.

However, one can only guess about what processes occur in a person's head and what drives him.

Jeff Bezos is one of such successful businessmen who built an empire on the sale of books.

The Amazon brand – what the company is doing now and what it was originally, different and incomparable in scale things. The entire history of Amazon testifies to the right steps at each period of its development.

They say that to be truly free, you need to be a little crazy.

The example of Jeff Bezos proves this statement. He had his own house and several hundred thousand dollars in his account.

Jeff Bezos had the idea to create a store that sells any product. There were quite usual obstacles on the way to its implementation: a limited budget, a weak understanding of the market and a lack of third-party investments. In order not to go bankrupt in the first week, Bezos decided to start with a simple one.

Books looked best as the first product — they were light and convenient for delivery. After all, it doesn't matter who to buy them from, and the choice on the Internet will be clearly more than in a simple bookstore.

The rapid growth of Amazon began when the store was shown on the main page of the popular search engine Yahoo! In two months, sales increased to $20,000 per week.

Amazon had an interesting business plan at that time: the company invested all its profits in development.

In 1998-2000, sections of toys and electronics were opened on the site. In 2003, the company had its own IT center, and then-the Amazon service.Prime for the most active clients and a jewelry line with Paris Hilton.

Already, the company has become a huge part of the global economy. Every third online purchase in America is made on Every second customer of online stores first goes to Amazon and examines the prices of goods there in order to roughly imagine what he is dealing with.
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