Yes, that's right, with us not only you can buy or sell an Amazon seller account. A lot of our customers have faced problems such as: registration problems, blocking, account reissue from the previous owner, etc. We won't leave our customers in such trouble, that's why we created additional services.

Now we will tell you more about additional services:

1. Help for newcomers when registering accounts.

That is, this service is more oriented towards people who are just starting out in this field. The process of work can be described as follows: we take the client's data, we need your answers to our questions. In terms of time this service takes about a month. Also, we can do it in 7 days, but the state will be - Wyoming.

2. Unlocking an account after being blocked.

Blocking is very scary, but not with us!
What does it take for us to unlock your account?
First, you will need to describe the problem you are facing. Then we have a way out of the situation: we file an appeal. How long it will take is discussed individually, as the reasons for blocking are different.

3. Re-registering the account from the previous owner.

Not unimportant that this process only works in the U.S. market, and in all sorts of markets it does not (it does not work in Europe). The following information is required from you: company name, company address, company IIN (company tax number), bank account registered to this company.

4. Ungating.

There are limited categories. They require what's called ungating: to sell items from such categories, you have to apply and get permission from Amazon. Simply put, ungating is used by those who don't have their own brand, they sell another brand that needs to be unlocked (such as people like dropshippers, etc.).

5. Registering your company.

This service is suitable for those who do not know how to create a company. Company registration process: The client gives us his details, after receiving all these data it takes us two weeks to register the account, and after a month we receive the EIN number. The company registration is complete.

Also, importantly, our contractors can register an account with a company that is already established (with all verifications passed).
We recommend doing LLC company registration in Wyoming, USA. Pros: closed registries and loyal taxation. Our contractors do account registration in Wyoming, USA – because it's faster, more reliable and better for our clients.

We work solely on quality!

This is what our additional services look like, to read more about them go to our website !

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