Attracting new customers, increasing loyalty – it has a great impact on the credibility of the company. Advertising is not always perceived as a reliable source. People are more willing to trust information received directly from people.
That is why we also have a referral system.

Now we will tell you about it.

You'll earn $200 for every successful deal with your referral.
Only what u need - is to invite your friends to sell their Amazon seller accounts.

What you need to do (referral system steps):

- Invite your friend.
Fill out the form on our website to invite your friends to sell Amazon seller accounts with us.

- Account Health Review.
We will complete an aged Amazon account health review with your referral to provide a fair Amazon seller account price.

- Earn rewards.
As soon as we finalize the deal with your referral, your referral bonus will be transfered to you.

It's pretty simple and cool!

Referral programs are an effective tool to increase customer loyalty and their confidence in the company. This program is convenient for everyone involved in the process, in which everyone closes their needs.

AMAsellZONe as always on top!

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