In order to start a business on Amazon, it is clear that you need an account. Initially you have to understand what kind of account you need (aged/new).
Now we will tell you in detail about new-registered Amazon accounts, namely: what are they? who are they good for?

First, let's understand what these accounts are:
New-registered accounts are accounts that have no history, they are fully verified, you can trade on these accounts right away.

These accounts can be:
- literally just registered and ready to trade.
- accounts that are a year old but have not had any activity on them and are also ready to trade.

Who are the new-registered accounts good for?

They are very good for newbies who want to understand and do not want to buy aged accounts (the price is higher for an aged account, as there is a history of sales and the account is not empty). Entrepreneurs who haven't been able to create an account for themselves. They are suitable, in principle, for people who don't care much about history. Also, people who are new to this and have a limited budget.

You can find such accounts with us, and read more about us and our services at!
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