Imagine you've been considering growing your firm to Amazon for a long time and want to enter the European or Asian markets.

Let's take a look at what you'll need to think about in order to put such an idea into action:

1⃣ Create a seller account

In order to avoid unnecessary red tape issues with registration - you can contact Amasellzone and forget about it!

2⃣ Choose the delivery method

There are 2 available options on Amazon: FBA & FBM.

The FBA method allows you to participate in the fast delivery program, which is more attractive to customers.

FBM is a cheaper option, but in this case the seller loses the right to Buy Box (more than 80% of goods are sold through this function).

3⃣ Opening an account in the payment system

To do this, you need to link 2 accounts to your account:

???? Church Method (for a monthly commission of €39.9 per account)
???? Deposit Method (for the payment of income with a deduction of commission)

4⃣ VAT registration

This technique requires obtaining of a large number of papers.

But don't worry, Amasellzone specializes in this and is ready to assist you!

Keep in mind if you find any difficulties at any step, we would be pleased to assist you in resolving them

Don't worry, Amasellzone will handle with all your Amazon issues!
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