How does Amazon delivery work?
If you are an active user of the network, probably you like online shopping. This is convenient and very often profitably. Today we will tell how does Amazon Delivery work.

Amazon is the largest online trading platform in the world and one of the most popular Internet sites. 3 million sellers work through this site and 350 million different products are here. Amazon is responsible for 4 million shipping per day.

Manufacturers send their products to Amazon, and the company distributes them across its network of warehouses.

Amazon has two delivery options:

* Direct delivery, which is supervised by the Amazon.

The seller is responsible only for the stock of the parcel on Amazon storeroom. Usually, direct delivery is expensive and not available in all offers.

* Through an intermediary.

This delivery is suitable for transporting various goods to different regions, including Russia.

In order not to fail when placing an order, please refer to the "In Stock" mark in the description — it means that the goods are in the warehouse and can be delivered to the specified address.

The transportation is in 10 to 15 days.

How to arrange delivery through an intermediary?

1. Visit the websites of transport companies that cooperate with Amazon as intermediaries for delivery. For example, Shopfans,, Parcel or Polar Express. Compare the conditions and prices they offer, choose the most favorable.

2. Register on the website of the selected intermediary. You can open a personal account on several sites for more visual alignment.

3. Get stock addresses from the intermediary. When placing an order on Amazon, specify the intermediary's details in the "Delivery address" column. After the goods arrive for stock, you will receive a notification and the parcel will be redirected to you.

Finally, there is a way to reduce the delivery time of a purchase from Amazon. In order for the goods to arrive 2-3 days earlier than the usual vice, use the services of intermediaries-UPS or DHL Global. Take into account the peculiarity: UPS and DHL Global deliver only those goods that are sold instantly by Amazon.
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