Communicating with Amazon support is quite a story. Multiple open cases to solve the same problem, procrastination with the answers, transferring the problem to other departments.

We decided to make life a little easier for Amazon entrepreneurs and tell you how to contact Amazon support.

How to contact Amazon support by phone?

Below is a little guide on how to do this quickly:

1. You will need the Get Support button for this.

2. Click it and select the line «Or, browse for your issue in the menu».

3. To get to the box for specifying a phone number for calling support (there you can also send email messages) it is enough to choose one of the proposed options.

4. In the next window click on «Contact Us».

That's it, you've found the form you need to contact support via Email or phone call.

How to contact the Seller Performance Team?

In some accounts, you can call this department directly from the Account Health section. If you do not have this option, you can find direct links to request a dialogue with the Seller Performance Team.

How to contact Amazon support via email?

There are many emails available for feedback:
Directly contact Bezos (
Seller Evaluation Team (
Amazon Seller Performance Team (

And lastly, what's important to remember to deal more effectively with Amazon support issues:

The best way to contact support is to create a case in your Seller Central.
Describe the problem clearly and clearly.
Gather all the necessary information

There is a golden rule for communicating with Amazon support: one request, one problem.
Do not try to solve several problems at once, it is fraught with the risk that your request will be forwarded between departments and it will simply get lost🚀

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