Do you apply Amazon keyword optimization to your products❓

Amazon is a search engine, just like Google, but many of us often forget about it.

More than 60% of consumers start searching for products on Amazon, so it's important to optimize your product listings for Amazon SEO

First of all, you need to understand the different types of keywords available in the product list:

The main keywords are the queries by which you want to be ranked eventually: «kettle», «water bottle», etc.

Secondary keywords are terms distributed into separate categories: «dinner plates for daily use», «cast-iron set of 5 kettles», etc.

Speaking of photos, we recommend uploading photos at least 1001 pixels long and 2560 pixels wide ⚡️

It is also important to pay attention to the format of the URL slug - we recommend using the following:

Trademark + Product Identifier + Characteristics / Features / Properties (+ who can use / how it can be used).

Don't forget to put Amasellzone's little-known tips to use!
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