There is quite a lot of literature and interesting information about Amazon on the Internet and in bookstores.

Most of the books are biographies of the company and its founder against the background of the financial, technological and social situation in the United States. The books also include information on how Amazon originated, grew, and evolved with all Americans. And how, for the third decade in a row, Bezos has successfully shaped the demand for the goods and services Amazon sells.

Amazon's entire history is steeped in the spirit of winning, the desire to make it impossible and sell everything that can be sold.

The most common and fascinating are books such as:

  • «The Everything Store. Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Era»
Became a worldwide bestseller as soon as it was published. This book is a success story and an investigation at the same time.

  • «Think Like Amazon. 50 and 1/2 ideas for business»
«What would Bezos do?» – that's the main question you'll find the answer to in the book.

  • «Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Success Story»
The fascinating story of how Jeff Bezos went from being a software freak to becoming the greatest Internet entrepreneur of our era.

  • «Amazon. From an office in a garage to $10 billion in annual revenue»
What does the future hold for retail in the digital transformation? How do you ensure your business is financially indestructible? Find the answers to these questions inside.

  • «Working Backwards. Insights and Secrets from Amazon's Top Executives»
In this book, the authors reveal the principles and practices behind one of the most prominent companies.

The main reason to read these works is to get new/additional information.
Reading books about business, especially one so successful, is worthwhile for anyone who wants to become a professional in their business.

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