One of the biggest fears of both new and skilled Amazon sellers is receiving an account suspension letter ????

After the mass blocking of 800,000 scam sellers in 2022, the service introduced novelties on the part of account verification.

According to the new INFORM Consumer Law (which takes effect from June 27, 2023), Amazon is obliged to verify the following information about you as a seller:

  • your name
  • official document confirming your identity
  • your bank data
  • email
  • valid phone number
  • Tax Indentification Number (TIN)

❗️Unless you provide the service with one of the points on June 27 of this year, your account is under threat of deactivation, which consists of 4 steps:

▪️ASIN Suppression (you receive a notification «Your Amazon.com selling privileges have been removed», but do not worry, you can still submit an appeal)
▪️Suppression (you have to provide the service with an action plan for unblocking)
▪️Denied (this is a refusal to consider the plan, but you can resend it)
▪️ Banned (Amazon stops reading your emails)

But there is one very interesting point in all this ????

If the account was registered to a USA business address, it is not subject to this annual verification, so we personally recommend working with USA accounts.

However, if you buy an account with a business address of another country, we will still provide you with a package of documents in order to pass verification when it occurs ????

But our service has an alternative for those who want to avoid bureaucratic red tape and weeks of waiting: unblocking.

We work with the most common types of blocking, such as: utility ban, related ban, drop shipping Policy, inauthentic ban, counterfit ban, review manipulation ban, copyright and many others ⚡️

As for the details about our unblocking services, you can find out by clicking on the link in the profile header.

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