AMAZON NEWS: the release of the home robo
American company Amazon back in September, announced the release of home robot Astro.

Astro is a home robot from Amazon about the size of a small dog. It can move around the house on three wheels: two large wheels help it not get stuck, and a small wheel helps it spin.

What can this home robot do?
Built-in capabilities:

1. Camera.
The robot is equipped with a camera that will allow the owner to watch what's going on at home while he or she is away. (The camera also creates a map of the house when the gadget is first set up).

2. Amazon Astro will follow you.
The robot is capable of following a person, turning on music and showing TV shows on the 10-inch touchscreen.

3. Object Delivery.
Astro can also be used to carry items: a mug stand, etc. can be attached to the robot.

4. Ability to recognize faces.
Automatic human face localization is built in.

5. Control of body functions.
It can also monitor key body functions such as blood pressure, heart rate and so on.

Amazon Astro is the culmination of various technological advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, home monitoring and cloud services. It is Amazon's most ambitious home systems product yet.

Amazon claims Astro is the first step in the evolution of the ideal home robot, and other versions will follow
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