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The world around us is constantly changing. The world has always been changing; it's just become more obvious now. Information about the slightest changes spreads with great speed. There is the most relevant Amazon news for December 2021.

1) Most recently, Amazon announced that they will not accept payments from Visa cards issued in the UK starting from January 2022.

The reason is very simple. Visa's commission increased significantly after leaving the EU, which limited the exchange fee. Now the company that accepts payments by Visa card needs to transfer an exchange fee to the card network, covering the costs of processing payments.

2) The launch of Starbucks coffee shops using Amazon GO technology is promised soon.

The companies have entered into cooperation in order to create a cafe without a cashier, where technologies of contactless interaction with customers will be used. And this is very important for solving the problems of social distancing.

3) Free Amazon Prime Gaming games for December 2021. One of the advantages of subscribing to Amazon Prime is a bonus in the form of free games. They are available every month, and December is no exception. The games will remain free until January 3, 2022. However, to get access to free games, you need to download the Twitch app for PC. Below there is a list of games that you can enjoy absolutely for free:

Thirst for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Football Manager 2021
Journey to the Wild Planet - Deluxe Edition
Spellcaster University
The Life of Youtubers
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapters 1-5
Stubbs is a zombie in the movie "Rebel without a Pulse"
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