They say knowledge is power, and that's certainly true for aspiring Amazon third-party sellers. Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces worldwide, with a whopping revenue generation of $470 billion in 2021. Originally founded as an online bookstore, Amazon is now home to nearly every eCommerce category imaginable and millions of third-party sellers.

For budding eCommerce retailers thinking of starting a business, knowing vital statistics about Amazon – such as the current number of customers – can be priceless.

Amazon statistics 2022: The ultimate guide.

Amazon statistics overview:

▫️Amazon Web Services (AWS) is responsible for 13% of Amazon's overall revenue. AWS is a cloud platform that provides digital infrastructure as a service.
▫️Amazon's daily sales revenue is $1.29 billion.
▫️In February 2022, Amazon received 2.2 billion visits.

Amazon seller statistics:

▫️There are over two million third-party sellers on the platform.
▫️59% of third-party sellers on Amazon create their own products and brands using Amazon's private label model.
▫️The Amazon number of sellers that have been able to create a fully functioning business on Amazon in just three months is 55%.

Amazon customer statistics:

▫️51% of Amazon customers are women, showing a relatively equal split between the genders buying from the eCommerce giant.
▫️80% of Amazon shoppers are homeowners, going some way toward explaining the popularity of homeware items and furniture on the site.
▫️82% of buyers say that price is an important factor for them when shopping on the platform.

Amazon buying statistics:

▫️Statistics show that customers trust Amazon.
▫️23% of Amazon shoppers go to Amazon for inspiration, meaning they don't have a particular product in mind when they go online shopping.
▫️The most popular category on Amazon is home and kitchen.

If you've decided Amazon is the platform for you, you'll need to carve out a killer eCommerce strategy to get your business idea off the ground.

Amazon is as good as ever!
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