A lot of people-entrepreneurs have been or are doing business on Amazon. But not everyone understands what an Amazon account has to be to be 100% bought from you.

Today, we're going to tell you about a good Amazon account that would like to buy from you!

Amazon's most important seller metrics are the result of a customer-centric approach to business. Sellers must provide positive relationships with customers to stay relevant in Amazon's competitive arena.
It's no secret that the e-commerce giant pushes its sellers to achieve top performance.

What many sellers don't know is that it's not just rules they have to follow.

An account with these characteristics would be just perfect to buy:

  1. The account must have a professional plan (it is not safe to buy an account without a professional plan).
  2. Verifications passed (Video verification, Tax Interview).
  3. Reviews and seller ratings on Amazon are high.
  4. Good account health.
  5. Must have all documents on the account (without included documents, such as passport photo, on the account, it's just not safe to buy an account).
  6. Good performance notifications.
  7. The account should not have sold fakes or counterfeits in the past.
  8. No fraudulent activity should have been committed.

Tracking these metrics – you can get an idea of what you need to improve in order to succeed on Amazon. The plus side is that later, when you get bored with your Amazon business – you can sell your Amazon account for a profit, which 100% will be happy to buy !
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